Tailwinds; Ranch Colony in Jupiter.
    Tailwinds is a unique community located in Jupiter Florida. Inside the Ranch Colony Subdivision; each community has a special interest at heart. In Tailwinds, it has beautiful homes nestled on five acre sites, while also having a runway!
            Designed by pilots, for pilots; this neighborhood was designed in April 1981 with a delighted twist to it. Surrounded by Tailwinds magnificent homes, there is a 2,700 ft paved runway with a 300 ft overrun. With turf taxiways, and an obvious convenient location; this runway is also lighted! With homes equipped with certain interests throughout Ranch Colony; these come with air-conditioned aircraft hangers. Pilots must be licensed, and there is no services offered on the field.
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Aero Acres
Located North West of Port St. Lucie in Florida is the community of Aero Acres. Along with amazing homes, this subdivision offers a lot more; a private runway.
     With 68 home lots ranging from 1.23-2.66 acres; 23 of them surround the lighted runway. However, all of the other homes have access to it via grass taxiways. The roads around the community are paved and county maintained. Each named after a milestone in aviation. ( Tranquility Base Lane, Kitty Hawk Court, Mach One Dr.)  Hangers built on property with the permission of the Architectural Review Committee  can be no more than 3,600 sqft, and the structures are to be permanent.  Only one per lot. The runway is paved, and is for non commercial use only.

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Treasure Coast Airpark
Located in the Western Saint Lucie County is the wonderful airpark community of Treasure Coast Airpark. With tons of great houses, and special interest amenities, it’s a great place to call home.
      Inside this community are 100 lots, ranging in size from 2-10 acres. It has a country like feeling to it, with tons of lush landscaping and spacious settings. The runway is lighted, and has an outstanding length at 4000 feet; being 100 feet wide. This is a private runway, for non-commercial use only. Those houses not surrounding the runway have turf taxiways. Thanks to its great East/West location, you can take advantage of the prevailing winds.

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Cannon Creek
Located in Lake City is the airpark community of Cannon Creek. With a peaceful country setting, it has a convenient location just nine miles south of the Interstate and one mile from restaurants and shopping plazas.
     With homes nestled on a luscious landscaped 500 acres, each range from ½-6 acres. The architectural styles have a surprising mix. Plus, you have two 3,500ft runways with the pleasure of being lighted, and paved. With gas available for owners, there are also three hospitals within two miles! Amenities for the residents include an onsite FBO, on premises restaurant, country club, pro shop, swimming pool, fly in breakfast every Saturday, and golf and tennis within walking distance. Membership is optional.

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Eagles Landing Aviation Community
Located in Winter Haven is the Eagles Landing Aviation Community. This is a unique subdivision with beautiful homes, offering airpark amenities.
     Consisting of only 17 single family home sites, and 6 multifamily units; it’s adjacent to the airport of Gilbert Airport. It has a lighted, asphalt runway at a length of 5,006x100ft.  Homes have hangers, and the community has an airplane shaped pool.

Hidden River Airpark
Located in Sarasota Fl, Hidden River is a private airpark community that was started in 1966. The lands are beautifully lush, and have the tranquility of the wildlife preserved there. With no hunting allowed, horses and animals are permitted; but must be under the control of the owner when off owner’s property. With 108 lots of 5 acres or more, the homes in Hidden River are right off the taxiways. Some homes are right off the runway; while others also have hangers.
      This is a private airpark, although not lighted it has a great 2,525’ runway made of asphalt. They have fun with this type of hobby; and host fly in spot landing competition, and fly out breakfasts. Other amenities include a women’s club, motorcycle breakfast, an annual Christmas party, Halloween party, and Independence Day celebration.

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